These are just an example of the services we provide to maintain and repair your hat.
To evaluate which service is the right one for your hat we are happy to provide you with a free consultation.
Please contact to receive a quotation for the right service: you can bring your hat in to our store or send photos.
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Free Consultation

Hat cleaning

Is your hat stained and dirty? Or perhaps there is a stubborn spot you just can’t get rid of? We are able to clean your hats for you. From the smallest amounts of dust to the bigger and inevitable staining. We offer basic cleanings as well as advanced cleaning, all of which will restore your hat to its former glory.


We are able to resize your hat for you. Forget about bulky foam and trying to stretch your hat by hand. Here at Cappelleria Bertacchi, we are able to enlarge your hat up to two sizes bigger or we can make your hat smaller. Either way, we can ensure that your hat fits you

Hat Blocking

The perfect service for when your hat has lost its shape or for when you want to switch up the style. We are able to reblock your hat to its original style or change it up completely.

Band Change

If your hatband gets damaged, we can replace it to replicate the original look. Or if you’d like to freshen up the style of your hat, this is the easiest way to give your hat a new look. Whatever the reason is, we can decorate your hat to your taste.