Two-Tone Tube Scarf




What’s a Tube scarf?

A tube scarf is the ultimate scarf design. We’ve designed in a way to always to give you a good warm fit.

 What makes this scarf great?

This scarf is versatile. It’s easy to use. It’s always sits in the right spot, which keeps you warm.

Hand knitted by a skilled Tuscan artisan, this just a fantastic piece of craftsmanship. Unique and classic. 

The perfect blend of wool and acrylic is what makes this creation washable and really soft on your skin


  • 20% Wool;
  • 10% Alpaka;
  • 7% Viskose;
  • 3% Nylon;
  • 70%Acrilyc;
  • Hand wash; cold water
  • Hand made in Italy.

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Blue, Grey, Natural, Pink, Salmon


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