Hat lining

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What is a hat lining?

The hat lining is a beautiful detail to add to your hat. It’s the fabric that separates the inside crown of the hat from your skin.

We suggest this service for any hat, whether it is a lining that needs to be replaced or you want to make your hat extra special, or you need a layer of protection.

Service highlights.

Using the service is simple; we will take care of everything you book a slot, we will give you instructions on how to ship the hat and we will do our magic. At the and we will have your hat deliver back to your door.


What we would do

  • Select the perfect fabric for your needs, this is just a small selection of fabrics available.
    • hypoallergenic;
    • super light;
    • extra protective;
  • Disinfectant bath, we will disinfect the fibre, to remove any bacteria or odour residue.


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