Fashion Fez

Based on a design by Charles James from the late 140's this Fez style dress hat exudes class and style

Brand/Era: Custom Made Bertacchi, Modern Make

Cost: 25.00/Weekly

Materials: Vintage velvet, glass beaded tassel, buckram base, wired brim

Size: 56


The Doppa is a square or round skullcap that originates from Central Asia.

Brand/Era: No brand/Vintage


Materials: Cotton, straw

Size: Small


This hat wouldn't be amiss amongst the toughest fishermen. Made of sturdy and waterproof materials this hat is a go to for the outdoors.

Brand/ Era: Cappelleria Bertacchi, Modern Make


Materials: Polyester lining, nylon outer

Size: 59

Mystic Hat

An over the top theatrical style this hat is made out of periwinkle blue silks and gold lamé

Brand/Era: No Brand, Modern Make

Cost: 10.00/Weekly

Materials: Cap base, polyester stuffing, fabric, feather

Size: XL

Vintage Swimcap

This cap fits close to the skull and is a standout due to the rubber flowers covering it completely. 

Brand/ Era: No brand/vintage


Materials: Rubber

Size: 55


Worn by the likes of Amelia Earhart, this classic flying hat is made of a warm faux sheepskin and a vegan leather.

Brand/ Era: Cappelleria Bertacchi, Modern Make


Materials: Faux sheepskin, vegan leather 

Size: 59

Victorian Silk Top Hat

Made of supple silk this hat is full of character, from its teal silk lining the its bumps and bruised this hat is pre broken down due to its age.

Brand/ Era: Cappelleria Bertacchi, Modern Make


Materials: Silk, leather sweatband, cotton

Size: 54/55