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Is it right hat for your face shape?

Often our customers ask us which hat would be best for their face shape.

We want to start from an important premise: the best hat is the one in which we feel good. Often our customers enter our ateliers with a very precise idea of ​​the hat they want to buy but they take home something else. A hat must reflect our personality and our needs.

There are some general rules, however, that can help in the selection of the hat, especially if you buy online. When you buy a hat on cappelleriabertacchi.com, you can always return it, but having an idea of ​​how to find your way around makes the purchase more enjoyable and fun.

We have created a mini-guide for you starting with the most common face shapes. For any doubts you can always contact us on social networks or on the chat of our site.

Oval face:

The oval face is the most balanced face there is so you can wear any hat. There are no particular restrictions on either the shape or the materials. If the oval tends towards elongated, avoid only some types of Fedora with a wide brim. You risk stretching your face even more.

Round face:

If you have a round face, look for vertical hats and choose simple hats: avoid too many decorations and important materials that would overload the face too much. The ideal is undoubtedly the beanie, preferably with a pom-pom. The tighter the brim, the better. The ideal hat? Without a doubt the trilby that balances the narrow brim with a high crown that verticalizes the hat.

Long Face:

With an elongated face you should try to bring attention to the central part of the vote. Yes to the wide brim or models that shorten the face a little like the bucket hat or maxi-cloche. You can also use important materials such as faux fur or thick wool to balance the shape of the face.

Square Face:

If you have a square face, we recommend choosing models with rounded and slightly soft lines. Wide-brimmed hats like pamela or bucket shapes are usually not recommended. Instead, we suggest the visor, which adds depth: cloche, baseball-cap, flat cap and soft cuts like the famous newsboy will do for you.


What kind of face do you have? Do you follow any special rules when choosing your hat?

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