The right hat for the midseason.

The right hat for the midseason.

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If you're looking for the perfect way to complete your look during the midseason, hats are a versatile accessory that can make a difference. Materials like cotton, like our Duckbill Plaid White Cotton, are suitable for this time of the year. Cappelleria Bertacchi has always been synonymous with Italian design and high-quality craftsmanship. Our hats are handmade in Tuscany, with a tradition that spans generations. But how do you choose the right hat for you?


Types of Men's Hats:

Winter Hats for Men:

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Are you already thinking about your winter wardrobe? To tackle the coldest months of the year with style, opt for our men's winter hats. High-quality materials like wool and cashmere guarantee warmth and comfort. Take a look at our fedora winter hats for a touch of elegance.

Summer Hats for Men:

With days that still remind us of the beautiful season, men's summer hats are still a must-have. From straw hats to classic panama hats, these models offer freshness and style, and you can always store them away properly to show them off again next summer.


Elegant Hats for Men:

If you're looking for a refined look for a ceremony or a special occasion, elegant men's hats are the perfect choice. Opt for our formal high-quality hats, like our winter trilby models for a touch of class. In this blog, you'll find the complete guide to our elegant hats.

How to Wear a Hat for Men:

Wearing a hat may seem intimidating, but with some simple tips, you can do it with confidence. Make sure the hat fits your face and head shape correctly. To know your exact size, use a tailor's tape measure and measure the circumference of your head above your ears. Play with the angle and position of the hat to find the style you like the most. If you happen to be passing through our Vancouver atelier, we would be happy to give you live advice, or you can write to us here on our website, and we will gladly assist you.


Hats for Women in the Midseason:

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If you're a woman looking for the perfect midseason hat, you're in the right place. Cappelleria Bertacchi's women's hats are synonymous with elegance and Italian style. The same reasoning about fabrics applies to women as for men. Cotton or blends are your allies right now.  Our evergreen Trilby packable is the perfet hat: unisex and in blended cotton you can have it always with you.


Summer Hats for Women:

Are you enjoying the last days of warmth? Maybe you're one of the lucky ones taking vacations in September? Then our collection of women's summer hats is ideal for protecting yourself from the sun with style. From straw hats for a casual look to elegant hats for special occasions, you will surely find your favorite. Here's the blog about our summer collection. Many of our hats are exclusively produced, and once the collection is finished, it won't be restocked because we're already working on the winter collection, so if you like a hat, buy it as soon as possible, or you won't find it next year.


Wool Hats for Women:

Have you stored away the summer season and are thinking about your winter wardrobe? To tackle cooler days with style, women's wool hats are perfect. Discover various models like our women's wool cloches, soft and warm, or our wide-brimmed hats like our super soft 100% wool felt Pamela.

Bucket Hats for Women:

If you prefer a more sporty style, women's bucket hats are the ideal choice. They are practical and fashionable. With flowers, solid colors, or geometric patterns, we have the style that suits you. Both for the winter, summer or midseason.


What Hats to Wear During Midseason:

Midseason can be an unpredictable time, but with the right hats, you can face it with style. Take a look at our collection of hats for men and women, made with passion and craftsmanship in Italy. You will surely find the perfect hat to complete your look. Our hats are available in a variety of models, materials, and colors, so there's something for everyone. Choose a hat that suits your face shape and personality, and you'll be ready to tackle the midseason with Italian style. Visit our website to discover the entire collection and find the perfect hat for you.



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