Support Gastown Businesses Destroyed After the Fire

Support Gastown Businesses Destroyed After the Fire

At 11:15am on Monday, April 11 a fire broke out on a buidling in our neighbourhood in Gastown, Vancouver.
Our thoughts go to the families of victims and business owners.
Our atelier used to be located in the same building unitl we moved out in 2020.
We cannot help but being shocked by the event, especailly now that 2 people lost thier life.
Several businesses have been destroyed beyond salvation. Others have been forced to close due to the site not being safe.
Loss of revenue, destroyed valuables and merchandise, and staff relying on an income are only some of the financial burdens that these businesses will face as they navigate through this devasting time. The Gastown Business Improvement Society (GBIS) set a fundraising campagin to support merchants and their staff with urgent needs that may not be covered by insurance.
All requests will be collected by GBIS office, vetted by a subcommittee of the GBIS Board, and then funds will be distributed to the businesses.
Please consider helping these impacted Abbott Street and Water Street businesses if you are able to do so:

- Gowon Cafe, 221 Abbott St.
- Bruce Eyewear, 219 Abbott St.
- Lemongrass House, 209 Abbott St.
- Roldorf & Co, 207 Abbott St.
- Nika Fashion & Design Co, 205 Abbott St.
- The Flying Pig, 102 Water St.
- Australian Boot Co, 104 Water St.
- Barber & Co, 214 Abbott St.
- Jules Bistro, 216 Abbott St.
- Kitchen Infinity Atelier, 101 Water St.

Stay up-to-date on business closures here:


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