How to Clean Your Felt hat

How to Clean Your Felt hat

Spring is almost among us. The 21st is around the corner, literally.

Everything is blossoming, and getting ready to forget this past winter.

Your felt hat has been your best ally during this challenging winter, not just protecting you from rain, wind and the cold breeze but also giving you that unique look that makes you stand among the daily routine of yoga pants.
Spring is the moment for you to give back; caring for your hat could make a huge difference and guarantee a long-lasting life to your hat.

here few easy steps that we identify as the key to a well maintain hat:


  • Use a soft brush to remove the superficial dust;



  • Use a stiff brush to get deeper and remover deeper dirt;


- Using the steam from a cutler or just a boiling pot of water removes most of the smell and revitalize your felt;


- Now, your felt hat is clean and ready for a resting summer in your closet.


If you need any other suggestions or feel that your hat needs more attention, please email us; we will be more than happy to give our best advice. You can also use our professional cleaning service for the best-guaranteed result on your hat. No worries if you do not leave close by; thanks to Canada post, we offer a pickup service through all BC

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