How to clean a felt hat?

How to clean a felt hat?

We have been using felt hats for some time now and unfortunately, this also means the first signs of dirt. We've seen everything online, including putting your felt hat in the washing machine. Every time you put your felt hat, or any hat for that matter, in the washing machine a hat crafter dies. Of fear. Along with your hat. You don't. Categorically.

So how can we clean our felt hats? The first step is to have a brush, especially for hats with soft bristles that will not damage the felt. We take the hat by the brim (you must never take hats by the crown, it's a delicate area that can change shape) and start brushing with small movements that follow the direction of the felt and remove any residue of dry dirt (dust, hairs) outwards. We then repeat the operation also on the inside of the hat. This video shows how to clean a felt hat with a soft brush.


It is also good to remove any decoration to avoid damaging it and repositioning it after cleaning. Your hands must be dry; if the hat is wet, it is better to place it on a flat surface and wait for it to dry completely before cleaning it with the brush.

How to clean felt hat product

But what to do if the hat has stubborn stains or you want a deeper cleaning? Then your ally is steam. There are no better products than steam: it cleans and sterilises. Obviously, in the Cappelleria we have a professional vaporizer for hats. 

We manage to direct the right amount of steam without damaging the hat and ourselves! If you want to have a deep cleaning we advise you to bring your hat to our atelier in Vancouver or contact your reference point of sale.

Another tip we've found online against stubborn stains is to use sandpaper. It is much easier to ruin a felt hat than to clean it. You risk making a hole in the felt. We do not recommend doing this at home. A very fine grain is needed and it is an operation that requires precision and slowness.

What to do if it is the sweatband or the inner lining or hat that is dirty? Also in this case we can use the steam. It is also possible to completely change the sweatband and apply one in grosgrain, padded or in leather. The same goes for the lining: it is possible to change it. These are all services that we provide daily.

How to clean and shape western felt hats

When the hat is dirty and neglected, it often loses its shape. We often see it with high-crowned hats like Western Fedora hats (also called cowboy hats), Fedoras, trilby, and more elaborately crowned women's hats like Fedora Margherita, Amalfi Bucket.
In this video we sho,w you how to reblock a felt hat.
Also in this case skill is needed to give the right shape, don't worry: our experts are ready to help you.

The problem is certainly solved if you have purchased a crushable hat: it will return to its original shape. Just search the label and you'll find "Crushable" written on it.

One last tip? Even during the winter, avoid leaving felt hats on the dashboard of the car. The glass of the car will act as a lens and could cause the felt to lose its color, if the chosen hat is in white felt it could also turn yellowish.

Are you convinced to take care of your hat? Then come to our Atelier in Vancouver and show us this blog for a 5% discount on all hat care and maintenance services. Only for the months of January and February 2023.

And follow our Youtube channel for more tips on how to take care of your hat.

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