Are you getting lost in the hat terminology? Here a complete guide to help you out.

Are you getting lost in the hat terminology? Here a complete guide to help you out.

Every day we serve hundreds of customers in Canada and in Italy. Yet sometimes we are lost in translation becuase, as any other field, hats have their own terminology. When we serve our customers face to face, we overcome the obstacle quite easily just touching or pointing the hat’s part, but we can understand it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate an online hat shop.

So do not worry because we are here to share few important terms that will make you a hat expert and make your online purchase an enjoyable experience.

Here listed some of the most important hat's parts:


Essentially the body of the hat. The crown is the central dome which extends upward from the outside brim. The crown surrounds the wearers head primarily for the purpose of style. Despite it might come natural you should never handle a hat from the crown as it is a delicate part.


The brim is defined as the protruding horizontal edge of the hat. It makes its way around the bottom edge of the crown and extends outwards on a horizontal axis. In a similar way to the crown, you will find there are many different styles of brim to choose from. In our collection we have differentiated hats base on short brimmed and wide brimmed hats. Short brim ones include some classic style such as trilby, lobbia, bucket and porkpie. Wide brim ones are all fedora, pamela and bolero. The brim is a combination of both style and function, it is mainly used for sun protection.

Pinch/ Dents 

The pinch points or dents are part of the design of the crown. While they’re primarily for style purposes today, their origin lies in function. The pinch point makes taking the hat on and off much cleaner and easier.

Liner Tipping 

The interior fabric of the hat. This is a trademark feature of many hats, like our new Western Fedora Buttero hats. The liner tipping is found on the inside of the crown, and sometimes features the brand’s logo or a pop of color. It can be renovated when it wares off.

Edge Binding

The edge binding is the trim that surrounds the brim. The binding is usually made of quality material for either style or functional purposes depending on the type of hat.


This part of the hat anatomy is like a pinch on top of the crown. As such, the crease is used for the same reasons as the pinch. This means, its used for style reasons but primarily functional purposes. It can be round for example in cloche hats or dented in fedora ones.

Sweat Band 

The sweat band, as the name suggests, it is located internally to prevent annoying sweat dripping. The sweatband can be made of multiple different materials depending on the style of hat you’re wearing like cotton or leather. It is possible to change it when it is ruined or needs a deeper cleaning.


The flange is right there with the brim and crown when it comes to defining the style of the hat. This part of the anatomy defines the overall shape and flow from the front of the brim to the back. The flange also denotes the side-to-side portion of the hat and this can define the lid itself. For example, a cowboy hat will have a very pronounced upward sweeping flange profile.

Do you feel an hat expert now? Good, let's now dive into our online shop!

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